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【itavcn】On August 27th, BIRTV2014 was grandly opened at the Beijing International Exhibition Center. As one of the most important exhibitions and exchanges in China's radio and film industry in the year, the exhibition covers an area of more than 50,000 square meters. More than 519 exhibitors from home and abroad attract more than 50,000 professional visitors. Under the circumstance of accelerating the development of traditional media and emerging media, this exhibition continues to focus on the “media expectation, our actions”, emphasizing the development needs of serving the broadcasting and film industry as the starting point, applying advanced technology and innovation. The business form, constantly leading content creativity and improving the ability and level of content dissemination, give full play to the platform role and boosting role of the exhibition. On the first day of the launch, Chinese digital audiovisual editors had the opportunity to interview Mr. Lee, the general manager of DeviceWell Shenzhen Technology Co.,Ltd. at the booth of DeviceWell.


Mr. Lee, General Manager of DeviceWell Shenzhen Technology Co.,Ltd.

At this exhibition, we saw the mixed signal splicing system products from DeviceWell, which can display the video content of different sources on the same screen, which has unique advantages for the increasingly complex situation of modern application environment.

Mr. Lee introduced that the DeviceWell video mixing matrix can better meet the various needs of users. In addition to the conventional functions of picture-in-picture, subtitle superimposition, stencil, screenshot, and so on, it can also perform functions such as high-speed mixed video matrix switching, synchronous enlargement splicing and picture splicing, and it is also very convenient to operate.

DeviceWell's digital video mixing matrix, including HD-SDI digital HD video matrix, 3G-SDI digital HD video matrix, digital audio matrix, SMPTE and ITU standards, at 3Gb/s 1080p/50Hz/60Hz, 1.5Gb/s code rate supports 1080i/50Hz/60Hz high-definition digital video mixed matrix signal switching transmission, compatible with HD-SDI, SD-SDI, DVB-ASI, embedded audio and other digital The signal format can pass digital signals from 10Mb/s to 3Gb/s.

With the popularity of portable mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones, more and more consumers are beginning to store high-definition video on portable mobile devices for playback. However, traditional HD video files are bulky and too high resolution to play on tablets and mobile clients, so proper video format conversion is necessary. According to the on-site staff, the high-definition video converter exhibited by DeviceWell Technology follows the consistent minimalist operation mode. For ordinary users, there is no need to have any operational experience. Users only need to preset the video format to be converted. Has a good market prospect.

DeviceWell exhibited a mixed signal splicing system in the splicing screen, inputting video content of different sources at the same time, and can adjust and control any content, which is the core value of the system, for security, transportation, education and other fields. The splicing screen application has a more efficient effect. DeviceWell Shenzhen Technology Co.,Ltd. specializes in high-definition video products, specializing in the design, research and development and sales of video processing systems. Founded in 2009, the company is located in Shenzhen Nanshan Science and Technology Park, and is integrated into the frontier position of national science and technology research and development. It has strong influence in the field of high-definition video, especially serial digital high-definition (SDI) The company has a young technology research and development team, and has developed 6 series and nearly 100 products in 5 years, which are used in broadcasting, video conferencing, digital medical, security, education and industry.

Mr. Lee said that DeviceWell Technology focuses on the development of “graphics/image and video technology” and related products. At present, the company has high-definition video optical transceivers, high-definition video converters, high-definition cameras, high-definition video hybrid matrix, high-definition SDI monitors and other products, respectively, used in broadcast television stations, high-definition video conferencing and high-definition security and other high-definition industrial video. DeviceWell Technology adheres to the persistence of faith, and with the struggle of all colleagues, many of our patent achievements have gradually stabilized in the industry and won the recognition of customers. With the development of the industry, we will continue to innovate and develop, and create new and miraculous in the future market.

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