PD6314 (Professional Down Scaling Converter)



A dedicated 3G/HD/SD SDI signal down scaling converter, based on the third generation technology design of DeviceWell. Device integrated FRCS (frame rate conversion system), SDI receiver and CVBS encoder, 3G The /HD/SD-SDI signal is converted to CVBS composite video. At the same time, the PD6314 can de-embed the audio in the 3G/HD/SD-SDI signal and output it to the analog stereo port. The PD6314 integrates the down scaling conversion function and the input SDI signal is adaptive. The output can be selected as PAL/NTSC. When the down scaling conversion is selected, the left and right trimming edges or the black and white edges can be selected to ensure the display ratio is unchanged or full screen output. The PD6314 supports SDI loop-out and synchronous CVBS output functions, and can also output test ColorBar signals.


Product Features

• Based on the third generation technology design of DeviceWell

• Support 3G/HD/SD SDI signal input

• Support 3G/HD/SD SDI signal loop output

• Support common formats 1080P/1080I/720P/480I/576I

• Supports special formats such as 1080PSF/720P 30/25/24HZ|

• SD CVBS output (PAL/NTSC)

• Support for down scaling conversion function

• Down scaling conversion 3 modes free choice

• SDI input signal adaptation

• SDI embedded audio de-embedding

• Support for analog stereo audio output

• SDI loop out and synchronous CVBS output

• ColorBar output

• Special features can be customized

Product Function Chart




Product Function Setting





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